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Our Fleet

We built our fleet with only the greenest vehicles available today.

Our fleet is made up entirely of environmentally conscious vehicles.

Green is our favorite color. We’re passionate about our environment, but we’re also committed to maintaining high-value, low-cost service for our customers. That’s why we employ green vehicle technologies such as electric, hybrid, compressed natural gas and clean diesel. We’re reducing our costs and our carbon footprint. Being flexible – using the right vehicle for the job – ensures we’re using resources efficiently (and saving you money).

Our pledge is to continually increase the use of green technologies in our fleet as they become commercially available and viable. Because it’s the right thing to do.

Electric/Hybrid Passenger Car

Why use a truck when a car will do? For smaller, one-man deliveries or for assembly teams carrying just their tools, we use an electric or hybrid passenger car. It’s perfect for saving money and the environment.

Compressed Natural Gas Cargo Van

For most assembly orders and those deliveries that just won’t fit in a hatchback, we call in one of our compressed natural gas cargo vans.

Electric Truck

When we need a two-man team for larger product on city routes of 100 miles or less, the all-electric truck (that runs all day and recharges at night) is the best option. It’s so quiet the homeowner won’t even hear us coming.

Clean Diesel Dock-highs
and Tractors

Just because it’s big, doesn’t mean it’s not green. Our SmartWay certified diesel trucks and tractors exhaust mostly water vapor and nitrogen so the carbon emissions are virtually eliminated.